The Encinitas Beacon is founded to shine the light on the management of our city and is not beholden to for-profit advertisers or elected officials. We tell it like it is.

If the only news you have gotten has come from the biased newsletters of city leaders, we hope to provide a less biased review of city governance. A well-informed citizenry benefits all, let the light shine.

Encinitas city manager Gus Vina was scheduled to receive a performance review in January. In a move that shields him from public comment he has resigned.

At the November 19 council meeting city manager Gus Vina looked unprepared to answer contractual questions asked by the council and the public. Let's hope he is not withholding information.

City manager Gus Vina was scheduled for his annual job review in January 2015. In a surprise his review has been moved up and placed on the council agenda this week. Why?

Last week the city moved forward with new street standards and proposed up-zoning of high-density housing that will impact community character.

At the November 12 council meeting staff proposed new parking standards that would change neighborhood character, take land away from homeowners and increase costs to remodel. Residents of Crest Drive packed city hall telling the council "Stop the Orange County-fication of Encinitas"  and "Leave us alone".

The city founders wanted city elections to be non-partisan. They knew that political parties serve their own interests. Today both parties seek to influence voters with misleading mailers. While their tactics differ they share the same future vision of tranforming Encinitas from a resident serving beach town into a regional high-density urban center.

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